Project: Odor Abatement Systems
Industry: Agriculture
Location: Carpentaria, CA

Capabilities Applied/Processes:

  • Design and Build Fabrication
  • 3D Modeling
  • Air Profile Modeling 
  • Carbon Adsorption Design

A Solution for Today and Tomorrow

Our Odor Abatement Equipment isn’t just a piece of machinery; it’s a sustainable solution poised to redefine air quality management in grow houses. It reflects our dedication to environmental responsibility and our commitment to creating a cleaner, healthier future.

Innovating Clean Air Solutions: CHE Furnaces’ Advanced Odor Abatement Equipment for Grow Houses

At CHE Furnaces, we believe in more than just creating equipment; we’re passionate about engineering transformative solutions that improve lives and the environment. Our latest accomplishment is a testament to this dedication: the design and manufacturing of cutting-edge Odor Abatement Equipment, meticulously crafted to address a pressing concern in grow houses. This innovative system showcases our unwavering commitment to creating sustainable and efficient solutions.

A Breath of Fresh Air: The Challenge

We were presented with a challenge: design and manufacture an effective and easily maintained odor abatement system to address off-gas emissions in grow houses. Grow houses play a crucial role in horticulture and agriculture, but managing the associated odors is essential. Our mission was to engineer a solution that not only met but exceeded expectations.

Precision Engineering: Key Features

Low Back Pressure Carbon Tray System: At the core of our solution is a sophisticated Low Back Pressure Carbon Tray System. This cutting-edge technology efficiently absorbs and neutralizes odors, ensuring the air leaving the grow house is free from unwanted scents.

Maintenance Made Easy: A Commitment to Efficiency

Our system is designed with ease of maintenance in mind, ensuring that it remains effective and hassle-free over time. We understand that efficiency and convenience are key factors in ensuring the long-term success of odor abatement solutions.

Embrace a Breath of Fresh Air

Whether you’re interested in our Odor Abatement System or want to explore our comprehensive range of design and manufacturing capabilities, we invite you to discover how CHE Furnaces is transforming air quality management.
For more details or to discuss your specific needs, please refer to the information below or reach out to us directly. Together, we can create a more pleasant and sustainable environment.


Steel Housing, Carbon

Delivery/Turnaround Time

4 weeks


Carpentaria, CA